From 9 to 12 June 2019, the world of urban mobility came to Stockholm for the Global Public Transport Summit. Together, we have explored the art of public transport. An art which can take on many forms - as you can read in this wrap-up article.

The Summit has highlighted how sustainable urban transport systems rely upon strengthened mass public transport networks complemented by other shared and collective modes of transport, which all together redefine public transport.

At the Summit, the theme ‘The Art of Public Transport’ could be found everywhere, not in the least in the outstanding keynote speech by artist and animator Christoph Niemann. He showed how a true love of public transport can bring culture, ownership and opportunity throughout our cities. With this, the creative vision for urban mobility continued throughout.

Revolving around seven main topics, the Summit programme included numerous events stressing the importance of diversity in the workforce and the generation of new talents, such as the moving side event on women’s employment in public transport and the #PT4ME campaign. We are also proud on holding firm on our promise to advance female voices in the programme, with 126 women representing 42% of all speakers – more than double the figure of the 2017 Summit.

With Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and new, combined mobility being coined as one of the main themes, the Summit offered a path that builds upon UITP’s vision of the complementarity between various modes of transport, alternative to the private car. With multiple sessions welcoming a great variety of viewpoints on stage, some key messages became clear, including the need for partnership and cooperation between both public and private actors.

This year saw the Special Plenary ‘Redefining Public Transport’ take centre stage with our series of mini-documentaries, produced by BBC StoryWorks, which has now been launched! Filmed across 17 cities on four continents, the mini-series aims to answer one central question: how can we keep people moving as efficiently and sustainably as possible?

In the context of the General Assembly held at the Summit, UITP re-elected President Pere Calvet, General Director, Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC) for another two-year term! “UITP’s leadership in the sector will only remain if it keeps pushing its own limits to reach new heights”, said Mr Calvet. “Because, as you have heard in the sessions, the definition of public transport is changing and UITP has a responsibility to move one step ahead of the sector.”

Innovative ideas from across the globe were rewarded during the Closing Ceremony, where the winners of the UITP Awards were acknowledged for their efforts to position public transport as the backbone of sustainable urban and local mobility solutions.

“On a personal level I am proud of what UITP has achieved alongside our members for Stockholm 2019”, said UITP Secretary General Mohamed Mezghani in his closing speech, “and on a professional level, I am convinced that this Summit is a turning point in the way we’ll talk about public transport from now on. I look forward to the next steps.”

In Stockholm, we discovered:

474 exhibitors from 46 countries

53 Congress sessions featuring 300 speakers

2,718 attendees from 81 countries and over 15,000 single-entry Exhibition visitors

Almost 170 press and media delegates from almost 40 countries


UITP has captured the essence of this defining event in the sector in the UITP Summit 2019 wrap-up report,comprising highlights, key takeaways, and a gaze into the future of public transport. If you are a UITP member or if you attended the Summit, you can access the full UITP Summit 2019 wrap-up report here!

Have you already seen the wrap-up video of the Summit? Check it out!