New York City

Fixing the L Line’s Canarsie Tunnel

Superstorm Sandy left the Canarsie Tube with heavy equipment and structural damage, and although minor and emergency repairs have been conducted, there is a need for a complete overhaul. With a total of 400,000 daily riders on the L line - from which 225,000 use the Canarsie Tube, the MTA & the DOT are proposing different intermodal transportation links to maintain transit service for residents in Brooklyn.



MTA Genius Transit Challenge: Reimagining New York’s Transportation System

New York State Governor Andrew M. Cuomo recently challenged the MTA to invite a World-Class Panel of Engineers, Technology Experts and Thought Leaders to participate in a competition to Develop Innovative and Groundbreaking Technology Strategies that will increase the capacity and improve the reliability of New York City's subway service.


New York City will see a renewed subway system

Just recently detailed information on plans to overhaul New York City’s expansive subway system was released. Included in the planned $29 billion dollar project, 31 subway stations will be renovated and 1,025 new subway cars would be added to the system and 750 of the new cars will have “open gangways” that will allow better circulation among cars as well as extra train capacity. This type of rolling stock design has been adopted by progressive transit systems worldwide. Each new train will have USB ports, free Wi-Fi and vastly improved customer information amenities.

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