In Portland, a push for Transit-Oriented Development is helping the city plan to become a more sustainable and affordable city in the future.

As Portland has grown, it has seen housing prices skyrocket, making housing and affordability a major issue. Thanks to recent expansions to Portland’s transit system, the city is currently undergoing a major policy shift where housing nearby transit will be able to be rezoned for higher densities. The plan is called the “Residential Infill Project” and is meant to address many of the challenges the city is facing since it became a major economic powerhouse in Oregon.

The City of Portland Bureau of Planning & Sustainability released a study in November 2018 detailing increases in affordability for residents in the area and in February 2019, released a draft of the project for public comment. Factors mentioned in the plan include taking advantage of the forces of transit oriented development and the benefits of densification, planning for resiliency in the face of climate change, and pushing to increase the number of affordable housing units.

Read the Summary of the economic study here

Find the draft plan for public comment here