Minneapolis' Metro transit and Ottawa's LRT news

Light Rail Transit has always worked well in cold, snowy, harsh climates; our colleagues in Scandinavia, East Europe and in Russia can attest to that. Now we hear extremely positive news from Minneapolis and Ottawa will surely have and excellent experience with their new system to open soon.

In Minneapolis, the light rail system is expected to record one of its highest ridership numbers for 2018, with ridership up for both of its light rail lines and also performed well with its bus rapid transit rides. The city’s transit system overall had 94.2 million riders last year, where decreases in local and express bus ridership leading to a small decrease in total ridership for the metro area.

Read the Metropolitan Council’s report on ridership here.

In Ottawa, a city that is eagerly awaiting the opening of its first light rail system is expected to see the new confederation line open sometime in 2019. As the system nears the latest deadline to being operations, recent harsh weather has been used as an excuse to begin testing methods to keep the system open, blizzard or no.

On this note, I want to bring to your attention UITP’s excellent technical committees organized by modes, region or a particular technology. Our light Rail Committee is particularly an excellent source of best practice exchange. Its fall meeting will take place in Calgary, November 11-13, tandem with or annual International Rail Forum. Plan to be there.