The Global Public Transport Summit: What's in a name?






Starting from 2017, the UITP World Congress and Exhibition becomes the Global Public Transport Summit. Reflecting what is already the biggest event in public transport’s growth in stature, the ‘Global Public Transport Summit’ will be the same high-calibre event but with even bigger ambitions.

According to Anne-Francoise Piette, Marketing, Communication & Business Development Director at UITP, the name change reflects the evolution and the expansion of the Association. "The event has grown, not just in terms of number of delegates and stands; UITP has for many years now been placing public transport at the heart of global conversations, not just about mobility, but about health, the sharing economy, economic wealth, customer service etc. And those conversations more than ever involve delegates like ministers, mayors, CEOs and urban visionaries. We've taken it to the next level. And it's such an important evolution that we felt it deserved to be reflected in the name of the event itself."

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