Full speed ahead for New York ferry service

In line with New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s policy goals of providing support to growing neighbourhoods and access to opportunities, a new ferry service was launched on Monday 1 May, NYC Ferry. The service currently offers two routes – servicing Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens – and two further routes are due to be opened later this year.

The Mayor presented the ferry service as a solution to increasing traffic congestion in the city, taking advantage of the underutilised waterways. The service will cost the city $325m (approx. €300m), and will see 20 vessels – each able to carry 157 passengers – in operation by 2018.

On board, passengers can enjoy free Wi-Fi, charging stations and refreshments. One-way fares are capped at the price of a subway ticket, $2.75 (approx. €2.50), and monthly passes are available.

NYC Ferry is operated by Hornblower, which already has several vessels in NYC, including official cruises to Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. The new ferries feature an innovative hull design, maximising fuel efficiency and ensuring a stable ride.

“If this works as well as we hope — if people ride this and believe in this — we can go farther and we can get more and more people off the roads, and give more and more people a better way to get around and just end a lot of the congestion we face”, said Mayor de Blasio.