CUTA Annual Conference and Transit show with UITP International Rail Forum

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This year, UITP will hold its annual International Rail Forum for North America in collaboration with CUTA. The joint event will take place in Calgary, November 10-13, 2019, and will consist of the CUTA Annual Conference and Transit Show and the UITP International Rail Forum, as well as UITP's Light Rail Committee meeting.



Monday 11 November

1.   Opening Session (8:00 – 10:00)

·      Welcome by Marco D’ANGELO, CEO CUTA 

·      Opening and local presentation by Naheed NENSHI, Calgary Mayor and Doug MORGAN, CEO Calgary Transit

·      Opening and release of 2019 UITP global LRT statistics report by Pere CALVET -UITP President 

·      International keynote speech by Wojciech BARTELSKI, CEO, Warsaw Transit, Poland


2.   Shifting to Rail: Bold New Projects (10:00 – 11:15)

This session will feature some of the brightest, large transformative LRT projects from around the globe and offer a unique opportunity to discuss recent experience with planning, design, construction, and service start-up stages.

·       Ottawa Confederation Line LRT - Lessons Learned – Remo BUCCI, Deloitte and John MANCONI,OC Transpo

·       Mega projects in Los Angeles – Rick CLARKE, Director of Capital Construction, LA Metro

·       Turning stations into city hubs - Ibrahim IBRAHIM, CEO Portland Design, London, UK

·       Major transit plans for Riyadh - Adam GIAMBRONE, Project Manager, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


3.   Digitalization and the Latest in New Technologies (11:30 – 12:45)

This session will address most recent technological and organizational innovations that are set to transform the business of the transit and LRT industry. Digitalization is at the core of most such innovation.

·      From driver assistance and collision avoidance towards automation and driverless LRT - Michael RÜFFER, CTO, VGF, Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany

·      Mobility as a Service (MaaS), the pioneering experience of Vienna - Stephan LEWISCH, COO, Wiener Linien, Vienna, Austria

·       Cyber Security of our Digitized Light Rail and Transit Systems -Martine CHLELA, SNC-Lavalin

·       Next generation rail Innovations in Canada: Outcomes of a National Consultation Process - Josipa PETRUNIC, CEO, CUTRIC


Technical tour (13:00 – 15:45)


4.   LRT Operational excellence (16:00 – 17:15)

This session will offer an insight into clever ideas and operational practice that help make LRT transit the mode of choice. Focusing on: Customer service, Safety, Information, and Design.

·      How a new ITCS capabilities enhance most operational functions, from planning to passenger information and maintenance - Jörn SCHWARZE, CTO, KVB, Cologne, Germany

·      Improving operation with traffic light priority, the case of Warsaw - Grzegorz MADRJAS, Warsaw Tramway

·      How signaling technology support high quality operation of LRT Projects - David DIMMER, Thales Canada

·       Transformative LRT Projects in Canada – Elie DAGHER, Comtech Group


Tuesday 12 November

Visit Canadian Transit Show and UITP IFRNA Rail Theatre

UITP Light Rail Committee (by invitation only)

CUTA Business Evening Event - networking cocktails/dinner event


Wednesday 13 November  

5.   Funding and financing - Panel discussion (9:30 - 10:45)

LRT projects are capital intensive and require long planning and construction processes. It is increasingly recognized that the traditional sources of funding (taxpayer and users) are no longer enough to allow breakthroughs, not only for greenfield projects but also for modernization and asset replacement.

·       Design optimization and TCO reduction - Johan HAVELAND, CFO, Bergen, Norway

·      Hitting Gold! - Phil MUMFORD, CEO Gold Coast Light Rail Transit, Brisbane, Australia

·      Calgary Transit, Plans and issues for extension - (speaker TBC)

·      Toronto LRT Fleet Renewal - ChiefCapital Officer TTC (speaker TBC)


6.   Closing session (11:00 – 12:15)

·      Keynote speakers: The Montreal REM project (speaker TBC)

·       Michele DIX, Managing Director, Crossrail2, London, UK

·      RATPDev – Project challenges in North America (speaker TBC)

·      Closing remarks, by UITP and CUTA


Closing Luncheon (12:15 - 13:30)


This year our Internationl Rail Forum for North America will be held as a part of CUTA 2019 Annual Conference and Transit Show.

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