In 2017, the biggest event in public transport took place in North America!

The Global Public Transport Summit, organised by UITP, is unique in covering the challenges of urban mobility worldwide and in bringing together transport CEOs with the likes of urban leaders, tech wizards and policy watchers.

With the public transport sector facing a variety of changes, the theme of the 2017 edition was Lead the TRANSITion.

The UITP Global Public Transport Summit in 2017 offered a tantalising glimpse at the future of a public transport market that is rapidly evolving and emphasised the importance of taking a leading role in navigating the change.

UITP is now looking ahead to its next Summit in 2019 that will take place in Stockholm, with Pere Calvet now at the helm as the Association’s new president.

Come join us at Stockholm for our next Global Public Transport Summit!


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