Call for Abstracts, Calgary, November 2019

Call for Abstracts is now open for the International Rail Forum for North America, hosted by CUTA's Annual Conference in Calgary, Nov. 10–13

The overall conference theme is Generation Innovation.

We welcome your abstracts in the following areas.
Deadline is Thursday, August 1, 2019.

Big Data
A. All those people, places, devices, vehicles, journeys! How do we leverage all this transit-owned data? What have you learned from your big-data initiatives? What’s next?

B. We are seeking 6–8 teams interested in demonstrating innovations with transit data. Selected teams will be provided with a set of General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) data 6 weeks before the conference and will be invited to demonstrate innovative approaches.

Integrated Urban Mobility (IUM)

C. Intelligent vehicles, dumb infrastructure? How can we enable smart infrastructure within varying governance landscapes? What is the role of private companies in public infrastructure?

D. Proactive transportation demand management needs coordination with municipalities to prioritize the movement of all people and modes. What’s underway to support urban mobility?

Customer Experience

E. What’s new? How do we embrace and leverage today’s all the public input in the digital age?

F. What’s the latest in conventional transit and specialized transit? What’s next?

G. Safety and security in transit are paramount – for riders, operators and the community at large. What new solutions are on the horizon?

H. Transit contributes economic, environmental and social benefits. What innovations are underway to increase and show the value of transit?

Fleet Management

I. Do autonomous vehicles (AVs) spell the death of transit? What can we learn from AV shuttle pilots? What’s ahead for AVs?

J. What is the vision for multi-modal and fleet management in urban mobility?

Environmental Sustainability

K. Climate change and increased greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are calling into question the future of our planet. What steps are being taken in the transit industry? What do alternative fuel sources mean for the future of the industry?

Joint CUTA/UITP International Rail Forum for North America (IRFNA)

L. What are the most transformative LRT projects from around the globe and what are some recent experiences with planning, design, construction and service start-up stages?

M. What are the most recent technological and organization innovations that will transform the business of the transit and LRT industry?

N. Launching projects and embracing innovation only makes sense if it leads to excellence in customer service and operations. What great ideas and operational practices are helping to make LRT the mode of choice?

O. LRT projects are capital intensive and require long planning and construction phases. It is increasingly recognized that traditional sources of funding (taxpayer and users) are no longer enough. What is the future of transit funding and financing?


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